2022 Women’s Chowder Cup Rules

The Women’s Chowder Cup will once again have two Divisions. One will be called the College Prospects Major for players born in 2003 and younger, and one will be called the College Prospects Minor for players born in 2004 and younger. There will be separate playoffs for each Division with a Champion being crowned in each one. For players born in 2006 and younger, one Division will be called NextGen Prospects Major and one will be called NextGen Prospects Minor. This Division will also have separate playoffs with a Champion being crowned in each one.

All teams in the College Prospects Divisions will be guaranteed 3 games plus playoffs if they win their 4 team bracket. All teams in the NextGen brackets will be guaranteed 4 games plus playoffs in their 5 team brackets if they win their bracket. All games will consist of three (3) 15 minute stop-time periods with no ice cuts. Next Gen Prospects Major and Minor will play 2 twenty-minute stop time periods with no ice cuts.  Playoffs will consist of one (1) twenty-five minute stop-time period. If still tied there will be a five minute 3-3 Sudden Death with a five man shootout if still tied to determine the winner. Overtime will be held only during the Playoff Rounds.

There is NO Sudden Death during the first four regular rounds of play.
All games will be played by NCAA Rules.
These will be the Exceptions to the NCAA Rules for all of our Tournaments:
Automatic Icing – No Hybrid
Teams are allowed to change on icings.
Coincidental Minors- Teams play 5-5
Each team is allowed 1 time out
Individual Major Penalty-If a player has been removed from the game for a 5 minute Major Penalty, no player has to serve in the box. The team plays short a man, and when the five minutes are up, they go full strength. They just won’t have their man coming from the penalty box. All Minor Penalties have to be served.  **Any player protest must be stated and addressed prior to the start of the game.
**All teams are required to have two goaltenders dressed for all games. If a team only has one goaltender dressed, the team is not penalized, however if that goaltender is unable to continue play due to injury or otherwise, the team is NOT allowed to borrow a goaltender from the other team, from in the stands, or dress another player not in goaltenders equipment. The game would become an IMMEDIATE FORFEIT and the score will remain as it stands. **All players must wear a face mask. How to Advance to Sunday’s Playoff Rounds: The winners of each bracket are determined in the following manner: 1. Best Record 2. Least Goals Against. Example, if two teams are tied at 2-1, the team that has the LEAST GOALS AGAINST advances. Even if you beat the team that is tied at 2-1 with you. Least Goals Against Counts First. 3. Plus/Minus Ratio- Goals For vs. Goals Against 4. Head on Competition 5. Flip a Coin

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